Sunday, November 27, 2011

A walk to TJ's

I was out for a walk to get some exercise and to see what I could see this afternoon. I thought a trip to the neighborhood grocer on Randolph would be about the right length of a stroll - it's .9 of a mile there one-way. When I arrived I was surprised that some of their ads in the window refer to themselves as TJ's. I hadn't thought of that before, but I have heard of the store referenced by several other monikers including, Trader Vic's and Trapper John's and its real name, Trader Joe's. Along the way I took a few photos on a cloudy, almost murky afternoon.

While crossing the bridge over Ayd Mill Road: train tracks partially obscured by baseball style cap's brim, a photo of railroad tracks.

Further down the street a half block off Lexington I saw this non-rectangular window, hexagon if I'm not wrong. Since I suggested it as a theme for blog photos I took advantage of the site and snapped a photo.  Note the Christmas decoration.

And when I finally reached the store I snapped a photo and went in to buy some hummus, bananas and peanut butter for a late afternoon snack. The store self-proclaimed "TJ's."

Today in tennis:  Roger Federer won the end of year World Tour Finals tournament in London this weekend and over a million dollars to go with it. It was his sixth World Tour Finals title - another Roger record. Incidentally he has won his last 17 matches and is now ranked number 3 in the world of men's tennis.

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Santini said...

Cool train tracks. I counted 8 sides on the window. Octagon.

Trader Joe's isn't as cool a name as Totally Jammin', but I notice places like that, too. There's a Jimmy's restaurant in Port Charlotte, and a Gene's drug store. A Nichole's dress shop, Nancy's diner, TJ's CD's and Barb's pool service. I'm easily amused.