Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Post Halloween

The Halloween holiday always has a few memorable images. I spotted this beautiful old pickup on a country road not too far from Coleraine. The owner had the spirit of the holiday and found a reasonable use for his derelict truck. He came out of his driveway just as I took the photo and stopped for a short chat. He seemed pleased that I'd stop and take a picture of his handy work. We both smiled and went on our respective ways.
The price of pumpkins has crashed and the crash came just the day after Halloween. I suspect that even with the new price the vendor will have trouble selling his remaining stock.
I returned from my northern adventure in time for a return to the tennis court today. We were inside at Fort Snelling, but it was clear that the outdoor season has run its course for another year. Barring a miraculous return to warm weather, tennis in Minnesota has become an indoor sport again.


Retired Professor said...

Very cool truck. I presume that the leaves have all fallen by now on the range.

There seem to be a lot of "end of season" declarations going on.

BDE said...

Great photos!