Monday, November 21, 2011


It was a cold day and icy to start, but the sun managed to get warm enough to begin to melt some of the unwanted ice off the streets of the saintly city. Most of my morning was used up thinking. And doing the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. It looked hard as I began filling in the squares and the title "Either Way" wasn't helping much. I wasn't making much progress until about 58 across when after filling in a few of the letters I discovered that the answer was a phrase that was a palindrome - the same forward as backward. Thinking was paying off. With that piece of information the puzzle suddenly became doable, almost easy, although some of the answers were a bit contrived and awkward. Ex: 22A Students err? "pupils slipup" or 46A Reinforced ice cream container? "buttressed dessert tub" or 97A One-on-one job for a ladies man? "gigolos solo gig" or my favorite: 68A Recollection from a winter tourist in Poland? "Warsaw was raw."   After finally getting the squares filled in I did some thinking about Thanksgiving and what kind of purchases I would need to make at the vittles store. I think I have it pretty well in hand, especially if I'm able to locate some hand made lefse at one of the busy grocers in town.

Then I had to think of something to put in my post for the day. This is day 21 of blog every day month and I've come too far to fail now.  But I had neglected to take any photos all day. It was just too cold and dark. And I'd spent most of the day thinking. Then I saw the posting from my traveling companion when I visited the City of Lights last summer and I knew it was okay to fall back on some foreign photos. And it adds a bit of variety to a month that has a kind of sameness to it. Voila. Two views of a famous sculpture on a beautiful day in Paris.

 Le Penseur. by Auguste Rodin.

The Thinker by Auguste Rodin at Rodin Museum in Paris.


Retired Professor said...

Amusing post -- I liked the crossword puzzle references. Nice way to tie up your theme with photos of the Thinker from your trip this summer.

Lefse? We have no such vittles here. There will be a jello salad, and wild rice in the stuffing -- references to a childhood spent in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Emily said...

Great photos - I particularly like the second one, with just the sky behind it. Nice angle!

Jimi said...

Thanks, Emmy and Santini. I really like Rodin and was lucky to have good light when we were at the museum.

I think I'll add some wild rice to the stuffing. Is there a recipe out there that cries out to be followed?

Retired Professor said...

Jimi -- The recipe for wild rice in stuffing is Barbara's. I don't follow it too closely, myself. I can email you the recipe though, if you like.

I agree with Emily about the second photo.