Saturday, November 19, 2011

Steel-toed boots

First snowfall of the year. Maybe, probably about two inches of fresh white snow. It was inevitable. I'm going to do a little shoveling when it stops, but I think it may melt this time. The guys that predict the weather for a living say that Thanksgiving on Thursday will be warm - probably 50 degrees. I'm still likely to do a little shoveling this afternoon as part of my exercise program.

 Those are work boots in front of Daughter of Norway's (DoN) native grass garden. The boots also belong to DoN, but are currently on a break while their owner pursues other interests somewhere south of Oslo.


Santini said...

Cute photo. At least it should be the end of leaf raking for the season.

Good luck with 50's on Thanksgiving -- and if it arrives, send some on to us.

Daughter of Norway said...

My boots! Oh the memories....I just watched a clip of an MCC chainsaw lady taking down the governor's Christmas tree, or is it "holiday tree"? I think you can google it, but I can give you the clip later if you like.