Friday, November 4, 2011

More leaves

It froze again overnight. It's November, so that's to be expected. There are still some very pretty autumn effects in the neighborhood. I was impressed by this garage and the vine that's growing on it. The garage is about a block from home so I was able to wait until afternoon to get a better sun angle and hence better color. Photography is after all taking pictures of light.
I finished raking the front lawn this morning. The resultant bags of leaves stand in front of a bush that is still partly green. You can also see that towards the back of the house there is a large tree that has not dropped its leaves. I know that I'll have to repeat some of the toil, because there are leaves on many surrounding trees and there are leaves on the ground in neighbors yards that will move around when the velocity of the wind increases. I took thirteen bags of leaves to be recycled.
Tennis continued at Fort Snelling at two this afternoon. We played some fun tennis - two sets and a tie breaker. Afterwards I found that one of the other geezers has been logging his tennis matches for many years, a practice that I started in January of this year. I'm still not sure what use can be made of the statistics generated by this record keeping, but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one engaged in statistics gathering.


Santini said...

That first photo is cool. Interesting effect.

That's a lot of leaves! Bagging them up is a ton of work, my neighbors tell me.

Jimi said...

Raking will continue, because there is a brisk wind blowing. I hope my neighbors start gathering their lovely leaves soon.