Thursday, November 3, 2011

Some benches

It was a really nice day for November. After an overnight freeze the day turned into a sunny dividend for any amongst us with the day off. Being a retired guy, that includes me. I walked to Trader Joe's this morning to get some vittles and snacks and, as is usual, I carried my camera. The trees in St Paul are still retaining some very colorful leaves. These were hanging around on Chatsworth waiting for a big wind to send them earthward. It's been an odd year for leaves, but it's gratifying to have maples still bearing their leaves. A few more days.
Santini and I have both posted benches from time to time. A couple of days ago I came upon these two benches less than a hundred yards from each other on the Mesabi Trail. For TRAM riders, it's the bike path from Grand Rapids to Hibbing, that we covered a few years ago. The first encountered of the benches was a really nice bench. It may be my favorite in my dossier of benches.
And further up the trail was this quite primitive bench. It's actually pretty much in tune with its environment, and practical, but a big contrast to its neighbor.
I spent a couple of hours this afternoon raking leaves in the front yard. I'm still not done, but I have eight bags of crumpled up leaves to take to the leaf recycling center on Pleasant Avenue tomorrow. And the tree in my neighbor's backyard, which shades my backyard, is just beginning to shed its load of foliage. My exercise program for the next couple of weeks will include judicious use of a lawn rake. It's Thursday night and that means mixed doubles at Wooddale and a trip to Yang's for some tasty Chinese cuisine.


Santini said...

That may well be the best bench so far. I've been down that trail, but it's been a while. Sometimes I think I'd like to go back and re-ride some of it. Especially the Grand Rapids to Hibbing part. Do you know if they've extended the north end of that trail? It ended before we got to Giants Ridge, if memory serves.

Jimi said...

Santini: It has been extended and should get all the way to Giant's Ridge. In the future it will extend to Ely. I include a link to trail map.

Santini said...

The map looks like there's a stretch between McKinley and Biwabik that isn't finished, but that it does go on north and east of there. And that stretch is coded as 2008 trail construction, so perhaps it is done. It might be fun to ride it at a more leisurely pace sometime. With fewer people.

Good on 'ya for putting a link in a comment box. Power user!

BDE said...

That first bench is way cool.