Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black and White Day

It flurried a bit this morning, but it didn't really snow. The sun, however, stayed hidden behind clouds and the temperature stayed in the thirties all day. A dark day, one might say, a black and white day. A good day to photograph a black squirrel hunkered down against the chill.
And a good day to post a bunch of photos from about sixty years ago, more or less. Photos from my childhood that include some of the readers of this blog, brothers and sister. I'm guessing about the year of the photos for the most part, but they were taken in the late 1940's and early fifties.

 1949? Jimmy, Tommy, Sylvi on a snowy day in Wisconsin.  No mittens.  No pie???

1953 or so. Jimmy, Tommy, Sylvi in Coleraine by our home in Second Addition.  Converse tennis shoes and patched pants on the guys.

1953??  Sylvi, Gene, Jimmy, Tommy in Coleraine next to the hollyhocks.  The photographer's shadow appears in the foreground.  New pants for Tommy and Jimmy.  Classy shoes on Sylvi.  The sun was too bright and made everyone look at the ground.

Indoor tennis will be attempted again tonight at Wooddale. Indoor tennis is/was a great invention.  It helps get me through the black and white days.

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Retired Professor said...

Three little kittens?

I think a little earlier, on that first one. I'm thinking I'm only 3, maybe 4 at the most. The others look pretty close.

Plenty of room to grow in those new pants.