Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Many leaves leave

This may have been my last chance to get the fall leaves off the lawn before the first blizzard hits. One of my favorite radio stations reported that it is snowing up around Hibbing. They mentioned two to three inches. We may be next in line for the white blanket of winter. I got my favorite rake out of the garage and set about gathering the leaves that were on the ground. You can tell from the photo that there are straggler leaves still attached to maple tree branches. I decided to ignore that fact and went about my task. I also used my lawn mower as a blower and leaf shredder, so the task went pretty fast. By noon I had five black plastic bags filled with mostly maple and oak leaves, ready for transporting to the leaf recycling center on Pleasant Avenue, which I find is not open for business on Tuesdays. Ah well, a task for tomorrow.  In the meantime the wind has continued to knock the remaining leaves off the trees and onto the freshly raked yard.  So it goes.
After lunch I went down to Crosby Farm Park to see if there were any deer to be seen. I think they've been scared back into deeper woods by the recently completed archery season there, and I didn't see even one. I did notice, however, that the native plant area that Unky Herb and the Prairie Princess help seed a couple of years ago, has been burned - likely to kill the non natives. As the day waned the temperature sank and the wind came up. It began to feel as though we might be getting our first snow soon. 

Something reminded me of the Dan Rather mugging of some years ago and the question that one of the muggers put to Dan before punching him just under his ear and sending him to the hospital overnight, "Kenneth, what's the frequency?" It's a question still waiting for an answer.

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Santini said...

Those maples are a version of the "Kelsey Trees." (It's still June!)