Monday, November 28, 2011

Swan Lake at Sundown

The lake is not yet frozen over, I guess because it's pretty deep. The reflection off the still water late in the afternoon is pretty and peaceful. It was warm enough for a mile walk down the highway to the video store to rent "Bad Teacher." And a mile back in the near darkness.

I understand there was a big solar flare recently and the northern lights are expected to display queer sights. But the queerest that I've ever seen was the night on the ...

I'll be looking into the northern sky for whatever fireworks exist there and that are not obscured by clouds.


BDE said...

That's a beautiful picture (not in St. Paul, I am guessing). It looks like the box cover of a 1,000 piece puzzle.

Santini said...

I was going to say a post card, but I agree with BDE. Beautiful scene, with the snow on the ground, and all. (Somebody needs to tell BDE that Swan Lake is just outside of Pengilly.)