Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Savings Time Expires

The extra hour of sleep seemed worthwhile, but the early twilight was not really welcome. I managed to get all the clocks set to the correct time and mainly stayed around the house doing some outdoor chores and doing the Strib's crossword. While outside this afternoon, I encountered the remains of a rabbit that used to live in the neighborhood, maybe in the native grass garden. It was pretty thoroughly eaten, so I assume that it fell to a coyote, fox, or perhaps a neighborhood cat. It was a fairly large rabbit and a couple of its paws were intact. Those rabbits feet in no way conferred luck on the misfortunate hare. A couple of days ago, I encountered this odd sculpture at Harriet Island. Today as I was looking at photos for the blog I realized that the sculpture has some images of wildlife carved into the stump. The rabbit is pretty obvious, but there are some snakes and a couple of other animals. It is an odd thing and I think bloggable on a Sunday in November.
Unky Herb and I chatted with the Prairie Princess via the inner tubes and iChat this afternoon. She seems to be adjusting well to the change of seasons in Norway, and had some amusing stories about her German and French fellow students. She spent the weekend in Copenhagen with the international student group and promised to do some blogging in the near future to be able to publish some of her recent photos.

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Santini said...

Cool sculpture, indeed. I see a couple of snakes, the rabbit, and the head of some animal I don't recognize. Odd, but clever.

It got dark way too early here, too.