Friday, November 18, 2011

A little goose scoop

I waited until after tennis to go in search of a bloggable photo. After spending yesterday helping the Daughter of Norway deal with a computer malfunction long distance, it took me a while to get started on the day. Her Mac's charger stopped working, probably because of a faulty voltage converter and the Apple people in Norway wanted the receipt of the computer purchase before dealing with it on warranty. Luckily Unky Herb was able to get Best Buy to print out a duplicate and he scanned it into his computer and mailed it off to Norge. Problem solved, I think.

 So. Tennis. Then a trip to Como to see if there was anything going on. The city seems to have jumped the gun a bit with their warning signs. The "thin ice" signs have been duct taped to several trees around the lake. The ice is extremely thin today - one might say nonexistent. But the warning will be there when the water does enter the solid state as it most assuredly will.

The geese are still hanging around, too. Hanging around and "fowling?" the paths. There was a large flock sitting on the lake, and sporadically a small group of them would take off and I'd try to get a photo of them, without any success at all. I think they'll be heading south pretty soon, because winter is about to make an appearance.

 A gaggle of geese on Lake Como.

It was late afternoon, but the sky was pretty interesting. There is some weather moving in and the clouds are beginning to form. I snapped off a couple of photos to include here.

The sky at about 4 pm at Como.

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Santini said...

"Thin Ice." Would you call that a sign of things to come?

Good riddance to the geese. And "A little goose scoop" is one of those Beach Boy songs, right? Newsworthy.