Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snow Cover

The snow yesterday persists into today. The temperature is still subfreezing and the landscape has taken on that whitish hue that whispers, "winter has arrived." A walk around the neighborhood was a lot more dangerous for the less sure footed amongst us. There was ice on the sidewalks. The Statue of Liberty wood sculpture that was carved from an old elm tree serves to show the change in the landscape.

Walking by the stores on Grand always has a few surprises. Whoever owns these bikes chained them to a bike rack and it looks like the season for riding them has essentially ceased. I did see a biker on a bike path near Jefferson who was braving the poor footing and was out for a ride. A brave soul.

 Bikes stranded near Walgreen's.
Only 31 days until the solstice when the days start to again lengthen.


Santini said...

Whispering landscapes frighten me.

Those bikes will be stripped bare in no time. The one in front looks like it has a pretty new set of tires on it.

Gino said...

Hipster bikes. Or if you believe BSNYC retro hipster bikes (the avant garde hipsters have moved on to cyclo-cross).

Both are single speed, possibly fixies. Both have what is either a crabon crank set or a black painted alloy (I personally own a bicycle with such a black painted alloy crankset). I can't tell quite for sure but I think both have clipless pedals, clearly the front one does. The back one has the hipster popular bullhorn handlebars and the bar tape in a non-black colorway, the front has the not quite as popular extremely short bars.

Hipsters, they will be back to claim their expensive toys before too long, I bet they aren't even there tomorrow.

Santini said...

I'm not sure about the clipless ... I think I see a toe cage.

Cyclo cross? Really? All that mounting and dismounting. I'd think it would get tiresome.