Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Northern Bench

Santini and I have been featuring benches that we come across from time to time, especially on days when photos worth of posting are hard to come by.  Sometimes that happens on cloudy days when the quality of light for photos is iffy, and sometimes on days when the weather is basically bleak.  Today was such a day, and in order to continue my unbroken string of days posted in November (the month of posting every day) I've gone to an old standby, the bench.  Hence a remarkably primitive bench located on the Mesabi Bike trail, a couple of miles from Nashwauk.

In the area near the bench, the water is still in liquid form.  But you can perhaps see that the day was not conducive to photography.  But I did get in a reasonably long hike in the greater outdoors and three games of bowling in Grand Rapids.  A day well spent.


Retired Professor said...

I do like those primitive benches -- and that seems like an appropriate spot for one.

There is also a bench on the floating dock in your lake-scape photo. The trees are totally bare of leaves there, too. Wintry looking, almost. Swan Lake?


Mrs. Smith said...

Remarkably primitive is the perfect descriptor. I am enjoying all these benches.