Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tennis returns to the blog

After raking the leaves and bagging them yesterday afternoon, I found this morning that the rather stiff wind overnight had denuded the remaining trees with leaves and I had more pretty yellow foliage particles to add to the leaf bags. I raked some more, cursing silently, knowing that there are still more oak leaves to give up their high positions and clutter the front yard. Then I toted seven black plastic bags of leaves off to the recycling center. I'm claiming that I'm done with leaves for this year and I'm sticking to it.

 It was a windy afternoon as you can see from the posture of the flag in front of the Boy Scout Headquarters at Fort Snelling. I'm sure that there was a wind chill number, too, but with the raw temp at 33 at the time of the photo, it was cold enough to appreciate the convenience of indoor tennis. This was about 1:45 pm, just a few minute before the scheduled Wednesday afternoon tennis session with my usual pack of geezers.

The two tennis bubbles at Fred Wells Tennis Center at Fort Snelling have eight indoor courts. We were on court eight near the closest (southern) part of the bubble on the right. The tennis went well today, close games, a 6-4 set and a 2-3 partial set before time expired, no one fell down and there was no blood or skin left on the court when we left.


Retired Professor said...

It takes a lot of wind to make a flag that big stand straight out. A raw day, from the sounds of it.

Eli said...

Sounds like the day was really windy there. Also, I remember how I was crazy about tennis before, weird :)