Friday, November 23, 2012

Snow on the ground

The snow looks like it may be here to stay for a while. I was out in it a bit today, and the wind and the temperature guaranteed that we're in for a wintry spell.

But it's that month when I need a blog post everyday and that means a photo. The white backdrop makes for an interesting juxtaposition of color and colorless. I admit to posing the flowers in the backyard and snapping away.

There was an intriguing snow pattern on the patio this morning as the thin layer of snow gave way to the bricks below.

After the photos I went to get my exercise for the day. Luckily, tennis can be played inside. My college teammate, Rich, is in town this week and filled in for the competition at Fred Wells Tennis Center. He was my doubles partner. He hadn't played in a few weeks, but was in the zone today and greatly helped our cause. He kept us in the two sets we completed and the partial set that we had to abandon. We were out of time. I again learned the lesson about being well nourished before going onto the court. I guess the great quantity of food I ingested yesterday was not enough. I needed lunch.


Santini said...

You just had a vase of flowers sitting around? Very attractive.

Definitely looks like winter from those photos. I heard rumors of a winter storm to your north. Be careful out there.

Jimi said...

Yes, every once in a while I get inspired and buy an inexpensive bouquet of South American flowers at Trader Joe's. I give P.W. credit for the inspiration.

Santini said...

She's a good influence. I remember that you bought similar flowers for our hosts in Sjovegan when we were invited for dinner.

Interesting snow pattern on the bricks.

Emily Miller said...

I LOVE the flowers photo. Great use of available materials. The bricks are also way cool.