Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ice begins to form

It's Saturday and it's winter. I played my Saturday morning tennis at Wooddale. It was scheduled for nine a.m., but I showed up a bit early to stretch and get ready, because those guys seem to be getting serious about beating me. It was very close and pretty good tennis for old guys. The first set went to 6-4, and we were tied 6-6 in the second when we had to give up the court. Our 90 minutes were up.

Later I took a drive into the countryside. There are lakes around that actually are beginning to freeze over. This one happens to be in Moose Lake, but it's clearly water in the solid state.

Tomorrow is 2012's Thanksgiving II.

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Retired Professor said...

The north country is beautiful (in a cold sort of way) this time of year. Enjoy your Thanksgiving 2.0 -- you've been playing enough tennis to work it off! I could sure go for a turkey sandwich on one of PW's rye buns.