Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have a rabbit that is living in my yard. Maybe more than one. The one pictured has a clump of sedge grass that he hides beneath, and when I walk close to him, he bolts. He used to startle me, but now I know his hiding place and I expect the dash to safety. The number of rabbits in the city has increased markedly in the last couple of years, maybe because of the mild winters and the availability of vittles. There are more gardens now in the city. Now that the rabbits have moved in and in abundance, I expect the coyotes won't be far behind. I've already noticed the increase in the raven (or crow) population. Rabbits, like squirrels, have become vermin, but are fresh meat for predators.

There is a wolf season in Minnesota. Shouldn't there also be a rabbit season? And an open season on robocallers.  Or maybe a bounty.  On robocallers.

Today is Claude Monet's birthday.  He was born in 1840.  The term impressionism was derived from his painting, "Impression, Sunrise."


Retired Professor said...

I'm a long time fan of Monet, but don't remember "Impression, Sunrise." I nominate it for best link of the month.

I'm certainly with you on the robocall bounty.

We have a lot of rabbits, and just recently saw a fox under our deck. Perhaps not a coincidence.

Gino said...

Pouces pointant vers le haut on the Monet.

There IS a rabbit season. I opened September 15 and runs to February 28.

The DNR also provides a page on dealing with unwanted rabbits in your yard.

I used to work there.

Jimi said...

Gino: I used google translate for your French comment:
"Thumbs pointing upwards on the Monet."

I'll have a look at the DNR web site. It sounds like a good use of taxpayer cash.

Is there an open season on robocallers?

Santini: There's a good Monet site on Wiki with lots of his art.

BDE said...

Whoa. Excellent post! A rabbit hunting season (get those living under our deck first) AND open season on robocallers. PLUS, a Monet story and painting. Maybe you should have saved one of these topics for another day. November stretches on.

Retired Professor said...

Mange takk. Another good link.

Emily Miller said...

Rabbits are definitely vermin, right up there with squirrels. Cute vermin, though.

Bonne anniversaire à M. Monet.