Monday, November 5, 2012

Big election tomorrow

I've heard someone who should know say that November is the cloudiest month here in the People's Republic of Minnesota. Today was cloudy and glum. But there is an election tomorrow and I thought I might be able to get some photos of lawn signs or something election related of note. It seemed to me that if I had a walk around the area of a private liberal arts college, I might see some political action. Lucky for me there is such a college not far from here - near the corner of Snelling and Grand.  Close enough.  I took a hike through the heart of that campus and found it pretty much devoid of political signs and activity. Maybe they are sitting this one out. Even the areas around the college where I suspect some students and faculty might live, there weren't that many signs and the ones I found were of the preprinted variety. Kind of boring after that home made Nader '08 sign from yesterday.

So I went to some recent archival material for a blog photo. This is the Governor's Mansion on Summit from a walk yesterday. There weren't any political lawn signs there either, but the front door had been tastefully decorated for Halloween trick or treaters. The guv gave out candy on Halloween between 5:30 and 6:30 pm that night. I think he may have got in some politicking later in the evening and no doubt he's at it again tonight.

And finally, a not so cuddly looking cat, a big cat living a lonely life at Como Zoo, doing its level best to be cute. Taken yesterday afternoon. I don't have a house cat, or dog for that matter, so this is close as I can get to a cute cat picture today.


BDE said...

That cat is most decidedly NOT cuddly. I am surprised that my alma mater did not have any political signs. Hamline students dress up the Bishop and write political stuff on the sidewalks, but no signs either. Hmmm. I sure hope students from both higher ed insitutions vote tomorrow.

Emily Miller said...

I think that cat would qualify as handsome as opposed to cute.

Jimi said...

That cat may be handsome, but he/she lives alone in that caged area. It just doesn't seem right.

Retired Professor said...

Fearsome cat.

I'm thinking that hand painted signs are a rarity. I haven't seen any at all this go round.