Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

The first Tuesday in November arrives and with it another cloudy, overcast, glum sort of day. The sun came out for a while during lunch and I took that as a sign to go vote at my neighborhood polling place. There was a short walk and when I arrived there was no line. I talked to a woman on the way in who had already voted absentee ballot and was just going to the polling place to get her "I Voted" sticker - white text on red background. I think she was able to talk the responsible poll workers into giving her one.

The voting place for my precinct is at Linwood playground. I cast my ballot, fed it into the vote counting machine, got my "I Voted" sticker, and walked home feeling like I had fulfilled my civic responsibilities. Like Jack Davies, a law school teacher, once said, "the world is run by those who show up."

Now I'll wait around to see which of the pundits and prognosticators has the right stuff. It's often pretty good television watching democracy creak through its mechanisms.

And finally, a picture of a cute cat, taken Sunday at the Como Zoo cat house.

It's raining in St Paul.


Retired Professor said...

Good job.

Cute cat.

BDE said...

Hmm. Not cuddly for sure.
Yay 2012 elections! MN has become somewhat of an enlightened state and the country might continue its recovery with a little less political acrimony (I hope).