Thursday, November 1, 2012

November begins with theme day

Okay. I'm in again for this blogging every day in November marathon. NaBloPoMo??? I have some photos stockpiled and two pretty good cameras to carry around as the weather slowly deteriorates. Towards winter.

I took a walk over by my favorite lake, looking for a decent picture for theme day. The theme is apparently "water's edge" so I found the edge of the water and waited for some edgy inspiration as I trod around the lake. It was a nice enough day and the sun was out, so I was happy to be out and still able to enjoy such a day. This view is from the walk on the little peninsula that sticks out into the lake. It pretty well represents the day.

I also extended the walk over towards the conservatory and the frog pond. Another place where there's water and thus an edge. The vegetation all over the park is just now morphing over to their winter form. What is it with willow trees? They don't seem to change colors or drop their leaves in anywhere near the schedule of the other trees around here. This one is big and beautiful and seems stubborn enough to be designated a "Kelsey tree." Willows seem to be just the opposite of those ash trees that seem to give up their leaves right away.

It's Thursday night and there will be Thursday night mixed doubles tennis. I should mention tennis once in a while, since this is purported to be a tennis blog. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the geezers and I played outdoor tennis yesterday. It may be that it was the last day of outdoor tennis for the year. I usually say that anything below 50º is too cold for tennis. About at that temperature the balls become hard and refuse to bounce properly, plus my fingers get cold. It was 51º yesterday.


Retired Professor said...

I have a couple of Kelsey tree photos in reserve for a slow blogging day, or other NAtional BLOg POsting MOnth emergency.

Is that a log in the water? Nice fall photos, in any case.

I'm with you on that 50 degree cut off thing.

Jimi said...

It is indeed a log, actually more like a stump, but almost all woody material.

It's noon and 34º. Fifty seems remote.

Santini said...

Re: your comment on Gino's blog. You have Sharon. She's both interesting and cute. ;-)