Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hockey night

PW made it in plenty of time for the 4:07 start of the Minnesota Gophers game against Minnesota State of Mankato at Ridder Arena in Minneapolis. We met Mr and Mrs Smith there and sat near the penalty box, a site that had quite a bit of traffic during the game. The game was close after the first period, 1-1, but the Gophers had too much speed and talent for Minnesota State and the next two periods were not so close. It was fun to see such athleticism and love of the sport in both teams. Those girls can skate and stick handle.

The final score 9-1 was decidedly one-sided. The Gophers won their 22nd straight game to set a new collegiate record for consecutive victories.  They have been ranked number one in the nation all year.

After the game we had dinner at Java Train, a local cafe near the State Fair Grounds. The food was plenty good and we were able to talk over the game and other shared interests.

It was a good day and a warm one for November 17th. It was still 52 degrees at 8 p.m as we drove home.  I played tennis this morning and now I just need to lean back, relax and contemplate life.


Gino said...

And perhaps do the Gopher.

Santini said...

That sounds like a full day, to me.

BDE said...

I was so glad you and PW joined us! It was a really fun time. (I apologize for the steak sandwich, PW.)