Sunday, November 11, 2012

Coleraine, et. al.

We went looking for the architectural marvels in this small Iron Range community. It was pretty cold, so the search was short and uncovered the expected results: the library and the school. The rest of the town is pretty normal, although the main street was festooned with flags for Veteran's Day.

The Andrew Carnegie library is much the same as it was 50 plus years ago. It was closed today, but I've been in it in the last few months and it has the same layout with book shelves packed with books upstairs and party rooms in the basement. There used to be junior high school dances in those rooms when I was a lad, and I suspect they are still having them today.

I took another photo looking away from the Carnegie Library in the general direction of Van Dyke grade school. Pengilly woman for scale.

The high school has not changed much in fifty years either. We found it open and wandered through the halls looking for things that had remained the same. The floor tiles are the same, and the general layout of classrooms remains the same. The school has recently added an addition - a new basketball arena. There was a country music concert in session this afternoon, so we were not alone in the building. The Schofield field house had large photos commemorating people who were there when I attended the school in 1961: R.J Schofield, Karen Tomberlin, Ben Dixon, and Lou Barle.

Part of the ride today was through Keewatin, another of the Iron Range towns that has seen somewhat better days. The village of Keewatin supplies a few social hot spots. This looks like one of the more lively of the options: the Retired Men's Club.

Winter comes earlier up here in the north, and it feels like it has arrived.


Santini said...

Excellent post. I love the walk down memory lane. I remember all of those spots quite well, except for the Keewatin Men's Club. PW looks a bit chilly.

According to Weather Underground, Hibbing was 1 degree colder than St. Paul today. (And about 30 degrees colder than here.)

Gino said...

Keewatin looks pretty rangy. And why shouldn't it?

The other Coleraine buildings that I can think of are the old Oliver office building just kitty corner southeast from the library and the pretty nice for a town of that size City Hall.