Friday, November 9, 2012

Keep on keeping on

It was a pretty warm day and the sun was out for much of the day. I didn't manage to get any photos with blue sky or even much of a view of the sun, but I was happy that we didn't have a New York Superstorm or a Nor'easter storm either. We will have blizzards, but it won't be this week, and we'll cope, too, like those poor souls on the east coast are doing.

I played tennis today. Not much news there. We played at Fort Snelling and it was fun. No one fell down or got injured. It was the gang of geezers, all pretty calm, friendly folk who are easy to get along with. As I get older, I appreciate them more and more. They just keep on keeping on.

After tennis I drove over the junction of Summit and the Mississippi River Blvd. It seemed like I might be able to get a sunset photo over the big river, but I was stymied by the cloud cover. The photo I got was up river towards the Lake Street Bridge. It's definitely deep into autumn by the big river.

Earlier in the day I deposited my 20th and last black plastic bag of homegrown tree leaves at St Paul's lawn refuse site. It's still a plenty busy place because we generate a lot of leaves in this city. I took a photo of a big pile of leaves at the leaf recycle center, a place I don't expect to revisit again this season.

Trivia: Roseanne Barr garnered 8,105 votes for President in Florida this year, finishing 6th in that race. Florida is still counting their votes, so she may have more. I wonder if Florida will ever get its electoral process ironed out to a point where they can report complete results in, say, three days.

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Retired Professor said...

Our leaf guys didn't get here this week to finish up the fall clean up. Soon, I was told.

I heard that there were winter storm warnings around International Falls this morning. It's getting close.