Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Easy as pie

It was again a beautiful day, one very unusual for November and it set all time records for warmth on this day in several Minnesota communities. It was 61ยบ here in the Saintly City. I was scheduled for tennis at Fort Snelling with the cadre of codgers. We thought briefly about conducting business outdoors, but the knowledge that many courts have taken down their nets already held us back. So we played inside.

But after the fun, I went looking for a photo of the day. The sky was pretty so I stopped along Mississippi Boulevard and snapped off a shot or two.

Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and because I said that I'd make an apple pie for the feast at the Smith residence, in the Prairie Princess' absence, I went home to get it done.

And I made a pie from granny smith apples and just the right amount of cinnamon (at least that's what I think).  The expression, "easy as pie" seems to indicate that one cannot screw up a pie. I won't know until tomorrow, but it's looking promising.


Emily Miller said...

Yay. Pie. Andy of course does not eat apples but that's ok - more for me! He can enjoy the pumpkin pie.

Santini said...

Tennis, a stop at the River, and an apple pie. Sounds like a pretty good Thanksgiving Eve day.

Santini said...

Emily -- A Michigan boy that doesn't eat apples? Next you'll tell me he doesn't like blueberries or cherries.

Mrs Smith said...

Apple pie! Yay. I resisted calling today to see if you were bringing a pie for sure, but now I know. Looking forward to it.