Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More ice

It's Tuesday and the temperature outside is getting warmer, but not as warm as next Monday is predicted to be.  Paul Douglas, as I previously reported, is predicting 52┬║ that day. Today there is still a layer of ice on the lakes, almost completely covering the denser water below. I had another long walk over by Como. There's always something to see. Today I tested the ice to see if it was solid enough to walk on. I made it about ten feet out from shore and remembered those "Thin Ice" signs posted along the shore. I took this photo back towards shore and then went back towards shore. The ice seemed darker today, maybe because it was cloudy, and, also, the open water areas had shrunk.

More dark ice, still snowless and still dangerous.

I walked on. There were a few high school ski team members running by, warming up for the season and on their way to the cross country skiing facilities on the golf course. In the winter, when golfing is impossible, the city opens the course for skiing, and I guess the high schools have competition here once the snow have adequately covered the grass and the geese droppings.

Happily I will have tennis to blog about tomorrow, but every bit as important is that I'll be getting some of my favorite exercise.


Gino said...

Very cool, walking on thin ice.

Anonymous said...

I saw snowmobilers happily riding along the ditches on my way home from work today. It snowed again.


Retired Professor said...

Watch out for that dark ice.

Winter may be taking a step back for a day or two, but it will return, colder than before.

Emily Miller said...

Be careful out there. But I also concur with Gino - very cool.