Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just walking around

After my 90 minutes of tennis this morning, and after a little lunch, I went walking in the neighborhood looking for blog material. This blogging every day can cause a guy to obsess a bit about having some photos and maybe something unique to say or show. It'll be a day to day thing, I'm sure. We're just three days past Halloween and there are a lot of carved pumpkins still standing on porches and steps. I thought I might find one or two that might be interesting and different. In my unofficial and private capacity I chose this pumpkin as my favorite of the day.

Incidentally, the squirrels in the area are having a week of feasting on pumpkin flesh. There are lots of the jack-o-lanterns that have been partly chewed away. I even saw a few squirrels actually in the process of vandalizing some fairly attractive jacks. As we all have previously agreed, squirrels are vermin.

We have this thing in St Paul. The city sponsors a contest to judge short poetry. The poetry is ultimately used as inspirational inscriptions on sidewalk panels as new sidewalks are put down. This poem is "printed" in cement a few blocks from here. It's short and easy to read in less than a minute and gives one something to think about for the rest of the day's journey. This one was called "Second Love."

I managed a walk of about two and a half miles. It was a cloudy day, but there were a lot of folks out and about, dealing with a bumper crop of fallen leaves. There is also a bumper crop of political signage, but that will have to wait for another day closer to election day, November 6.


Emily Miller said...

Some vermin gnawed on our pumpkin even before Halloween. I am amazed you found some that were intact.

Santini said...

My favorite was Emily's cat, but yours was the second best. And the most amusing.

Timely and fun post.

Gino said...

I totally approve of sidewalk poetry. Nice idea.

Mrs. Smith said...

That is one happy pumpkin. I like it alot. Like Gino, I approve the sidewalk poetry idea and it's a good poem.