Sunday, December 28, 2014

White elephant party

As is our usual custom, the siblings who live near here, their significant others and some of the children gathered for some pizza, quite a large apple pie, and lots of good cheer. We ate and drank and caught up with the goings on of the families.  New marriages, new babies and retirements.   Time scrams.  The pizza from Papas Murphy and John, along with the usual varied salad a la Peggy, went well and the apple pie and ice cream topped it off.

Then we opened some surprise gifts, some jokes and a few nuggets. I went first and by the end of the gift opening I was the proud owner of two Duck Dynasty bobble heads and some duck calls. I was able to trade one to Peggy for a Boggle-like game that I promised to bring to the New Year's shindig.  NCW scored tickets to the Gophers women's hockey game in January. There was chocolate, a wind up flashlight, and a santa claus hat that Ying had to have for her 100 year-old grandfather.

The group near the end of the gathering, missing only the guest photographer, Mrs. Smith.

The white elephant party without the photographer - moi.

Christmas season is nearly done. There is yet to occur the New Years Eve bash at the Smiths and the Flaherty Christmas celebration next Saturday. We're having fun.


Santini said...

Good to see the group, and hear about the goings on. It looks like the two newest members of the family (in attendance -- Andy's new grandson would be the newest) are having fun and fitting right in with the zaniness. I love the Santa hat. And whatever Mark is wearing. Good job on pie night.

Santini said...

Your place is party central this time of year, and I got the celebrations confused. Pie night is post Thanksgiving, I believe. White elephant party has a similar menu, but a different theme. Ah, GOINFS.