Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The sun again

After ten straight days (and nights) of clouds in which the sun was entirely absent from the sky, old Sol made a brief appearance today and so did the blue sky that in December seems so pure. It was nice.

Just a little snow graced the patio behind the house. The sun shining made the scene a little lighter, but it was still only about 20ยบ. The hope for a white Christmas relies on the weather staying cold enough to keep this thin layer of white from disappearing.

It was a tennis day at Fort Snelling. I got some exercise and spent some time chatting with the other geezers that I play with. We seem to be having trouble getting four of our regulars there this time of year, and we had a sub for Tennis Dennis. Dennis was under the weather. This time of year some of the old guys opt for some time in warmer climes. All of them are retired so they go when they feel the need for warm sun and a chance to see blue sky and green grass.

PP came for dinner. NCW and I were off at Lowe's trying to buy window coverings and ran into delays. The guy who was selling us the shades was having problems dealing with "upgraded" software on his computer and we spent about an hour trying to pick out and pay for the process. Luckily PP had dinner ready for us when we got home and we had a nice meal. And a nice chat about her last week at her current job before she moves on to a better paying job in another, completely opposite, field - sheet metal. But that's another story for another day.


Santini said...

Life sounds pretty good in the Saintly city. Blue sky, exercise, family and dinner on the table.

The sun seems to be more of an orange color here this time of year.

Santini said...

Your "Please prove you're not a robot" box was amusing. It has a check box in it that is labeled "I'm not a robot"

Jimi said...

That box seems to be something new. I didn't make any changes so blogger must be trying something less trying.

I haven't seen the sun for quite a while, so I'm not sure what color it is here normally.