Sunday, December 21, 2014


The shortest and darkest day of 2014 is today, but it's unseasonably warm today for Minnesota at the solstice; 36º at the moment. This morning we went out to do some shopping and the heavens opened and treated us to a mixture of snow and rain, I guess slush.

It being my long ago departed mom's 101st birthday, I'm posting a photo of her when she was about four, sitting in a chair, musing about who knows what. I like the old fashioned shoes and leggings, and, of course, her fancy little girl dress.  Is that a necklace around her neck? It looks like a silk purse on her lap.  And a bow in her hair.  Easter?  I posted a long tribute and history last year on this date.  She is still remembered and her memory treasured.

My exercise today was just a bit of mall walking at Har Mar during the brief shopping excursion. There were lots of mall walkers making the rounds there this morning, probably more mall walkers than shoppers when we were there. We also stopped at a couple of stores and spent a few dollars. We ended at Cub Foods so that we could buy the elements of dinner. I think we're having some comfort food, long cooked in a crock pot, featuring chicken thighs, carrots and sweet potatoes. PP, and perhaps Unky Herb, are joining us for the eating.

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Santini said...

Nice post, Jimi. I just Skyped with Oslo and the Grands, and Oslo had read your blog. She loved the old photo of Mom.