Thursday, December 11, 2014

Same again

This blog sometimes just serves as a weather report. Today was 28º and overcast, pretty much a duplicate of yesterday.

I had a fairly long walk to Ace Hardware on Grand near Dale. NCW was helping with Santa preparations at LendSmart and I needed to get some exercise. Our vegetable peeler somehow snapped off a couple of days ago during some extra energetic peeling of potatoes by the aforementioned NCW, and although it is a much smaller appliance than a refrigerator, it is one that gets a modicum of use here around dinner time. I tried Trader Joe's this morning, but they don't stock small appliances like that. Ace was a better choice, although I may have to get a fancier one later on. The one I got was stainless steel for under $3.00, but without any padding or paint on the handle. Pretty much bare bones.

I'm off to play some tennis at Wooddale soon. Since the incident November 29, when I broke two fingers on my left hand, I've played three times. The casted hand seems to be just a minor inconvenience, but I'd like to get those fingers back so that I can more easily tie my shoes. And peel vegetables with that new peeler.

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Santini said...

Target has pretty decent kitchen tools. I've been in stores that sell only kitchen stuff, and that can be fun.

Good news on the fingers -- I'd expect that they'd take a while to heal. Fingers are handy, and not always appreciated until they don't work. (Kind of like refrigerators.)