Thursday, December 4, 2014

That plastic splint works amazingly well

I gave it a go at Wooddale Tennis Center tonight. The hardcore girls were there and tennis progressed pretty much as it always does. The major difficulty was getting tennis balls out of my tennis shorts pockets for the second serve. I'm maybe a little more tired than normal for Thursday night. I'm skipping tomorrow's session, but I'm back on the court Saturday.

Unky Herb was by tonight on his way to indoor nighttime soccer. He's been playing on Thursdays for a few weeks and he stops by on the way to visit and sometimes play some Skyrim.

This is what the street looked like today. It hasn't been plowed this winter, so the snow pack is building up. It may melt yet, but there is no guarantee. A warm front is reportedly on its way to the tundra.

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Santini said...

Fatigue seems normal -- your body is channeling resources to heal broken bones, after all. It's a big deal.

I love that my blog made your blog. A first! (I'm talking about the photo, of course.)

So the hard core girls cut you no slack, I'm guessing.

You're pretty hard core yourself, dude.