Saturday, December 27, 2014

Snowed overnight, shoveled this morning

A strange sight appeared in the sky today. After an absence of some weeks the sun reappeared. It does wonders for one's spirits to have some sunshine - even for the meager eight and a half hours that are possible this close to the solstice.

The white Christmas snow came two days late. It was a light fluffy snow about four inches deep on my sidewalks and the street. I play tennis on Saturdays over to the east in Woodbury so I had to shovel early to get to the courts. My fractured fingers are nearly healed so shoveling is doable and I was about two thirds done by 8:30 when I had to leave. There were only two vehicles which had spun out on the way to Woodbury and the highway patrol was there to help out. As usual, after two weeks of no snow, an appreciable part of the populace forgets how to drive in snow. Quite a few drivers seemed to be going too fast for the conditions, at least to my way of thinking.

Tennis went well enough. No one fell down.

The city fathers declared a snow emergency beginning tonight. It'll be too late to keep the residential streets from turning icy, but it'll make people move their cars from the streets or get them towed. It's a revenue generator for the city. I took a photo of the snow and the sky shortly after I finished shoveling and using the roof rake on my abode. It was a beautiful day in many ways.

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows."  Bob Dylan

NCW and I, mostly her, did some touch-up painting in the kitchen. It looks pretty good.

 It's almost dinner time and we're going to eat some roast chicken. PP is staying for the evening repast.


Santini said...

The snow even looks nice outlined against the blue sky. Sunshine does make a difference, I agree. It makes winter more tolerable.

Santini said...

I see that snow shoveling is a popular theme on the blogs from your area.