Friday, December 5, 2014

A rabbit lives under a canoe next door

Twenty days until Christmas. The weather seems to be moderating and it's just in time for the holiday festivities and frivolity to begin.

I took a day off from my tennis schedule. There were a few chores to do: recycling the recyclables, getting a flu shot, filling the gas tank with $2.50+ per gallon fuel, and a walk though the neighborhood with NCW. The houses around and about are sprouting decorations for the Yule. I liked this snowless snowman a block or so away. It almost looked real from a distance until the lights told me it was artificial.  Even the carrot nose is not a carrot.  Nor the eyes coals.

My new neighbors stored their canoe next to the fence by the backyard. It provides shelter for a rabbit, but when I walk past the canoe on the sidewalk the rabbit always gets spooked and runs away. There is a fence to separate us, but the rabbit is unaware of its protective qualities. However, I suspect it'll spend the winter there and I'll be catching glimpses of it every time I pass by, unless, of course, it gets consumed by some predator or another.

The rabbit that lives under the canoe.


BDE said...

I bet there is more than one rabbit living there. In my experience they travel in small groups and then multiply like rabbits! Stay tuned to that habitat and report later, please.

I got my flu shot today, also. Did you know that persons over 65 should get a double dose? This is what they told me at Health Partners so of course I did.

I like real (snow)men.

Jimi said...

I will be watching that rabbit. And whatever math abilities he or she displays. I'll report if anything of interest occurs.

I also got the extra strong dosage. The info that came with it indicated a quadruple dose.

Santini said...

I got my flu shot -- geezer dosage -- and was bummed to hear that it is a poor match for the predominant flu strains this winter.

Artificial snowmen don't melt in the midday sun.