Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Christmas tree went up

This is about as early as we've put up the Christmas tree, but it seemed to be the time to do it. Both Unky Herb and the Prairie Princess were here and they were ready, too. It seems as though it's been winter for a long time and it's still pretty early in December. We rousted out the faux tree from the attic, put it up and decorated it - the kids, NCW and moi. Unky Herb took a couple of pictures of NCW and me in front of the tree. The pictures of the chillun weren't up to spec so this will represent the day. You can't see much tree, but it's back there somewhere.

Unky Herb helped me with some curtain rods for the new kitchen and then went to Drew's to help bake cookies.

I spent a bunch of the day working the NY Times Sunday crossword puzzle.


Retired Professor said...

That's a day well spent. I'm thinking about a few decoration here . It will be bloggable if I do. Good to hear that the whole group got into the spirit.

Jimi said...

Christmas decorations in sunny Florida are always alien looking to me. It's definitely bloggable. Maybe some of those pink flamingos with sleigh bells wrapped around them. Or a plastic palm tree with Christmas lights.