Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas lunch at Herb's

It's Christmas on the tundra, a brown Christmas at that. NCW, PP, and I wrapped some presents, loaded the car and went to Unky Herb and Ying's place for a holiday brunch. I guess brunch is an American thing, but it fit our aims exactly. We had some new foods, some eggs and sausages prepared in different ways, some beet soup, and a├žai juice, among other goodies. This was our first Christmas at UH's new place and the first Christmas since he and Ying were married. Here are the other brunchers just before the eating began.

We opened presents and socialized for a while. There were new decorations gracing the abode. Ying did some painting on canvas that they have used to decorate the walls, and they have a new piano. The paintings are water colors and show how talented Herb's new wife is.

The brunch group standing in front of Unky Herb's Christmas tree, in front of the fireplace.

Earlier in the week NCW bought new duds for Eli G., the giraffe in the window - a Christmassy hat and scarf. He seems to be adjusting to his new environs.  You may notice the complete lack of snow in the yard.


Santini said...

Newly weds and new traditions. Everything looks festive -- and everyone does, too. A nice Christmas.

Mrs. Smith said...

Your new Christmas tradition sounds VERY similar to ours. The newlyweds in both cases provided delicious food and warm, happy surroundings.
We missed you all, of course, but will see you Sunday for more festivities.

Mrs Smith said...

PS. I like your sweater.