Monday, December 22, 2014

Gray is the new white.

The light should be appearing soon. Today, however, was dreary, nearly murky. Not quite desolate.  It rained almost all day. It was too warm to snow. White, the color white, is preferable to gray in this season of celebration.

NCW was working at the loan company. I went to Como and parked looking for a representative photo for the day after the solstice. What appears below was not taken in black and white. It's a color photo without any color, looking north on the lake.

I'm starting to realize that the soon to arrive Christmas will not be white, but instead this lovely shade of gray.

Joe Cocker died today at age 70 from lung cancer.  Here he is in 1969 at Woodstock, "With a Little Bit of Help from My Friends."


BDE said...

I felt it was desolate today and, as mentioned, gray. Oh well, who needs a white Christmas?
I like the Joe Cocker video. He was unique. I did not go to Woodstock but I really wish I had. Just watching the movie in Boston when it came out made me realize the world was changing.

Santini said...

I had assumed you were using a black and white image for effect until I read your prose. Even looking out the window this morning through the fog there's plenty of color. My condolences.

Neither Woodstock nor Joe Cocker had much impact on me -- I was a young mother with toddlers as my focus at the time. It was all just headlines in a magazine.