Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Drab day

But things are looking up for later in the week. The temperature held steady in the teens until afternoon and topped off at 21º. I was outside some, starting this morning when I dosed the sidewalk with some cherry stone, commonly referred to as grit, to alleviate slippery footing. The skies stayed gray all the live long day. We might get 50º on Sunday on our way to a beige Christmas.

Even the fat little squirrels were unimpressed with the day.

The high point of the day? Dinner. NCW and PP fixed scalloped potatoes and sauteed vegetables respectively. I made a salad. I guess that might be called comfort food.

1 comment:

Santini said...

Cherry stone is a term I've never heard before. I'm familiar with grit, though.

A vegetarian meal, and a tasty one, I imagine. It sounds like you have a refrigerator. Lucky. I have leftover spinach pie in a box on our back porch on the theory that with temps in the 40's overnight it should still be good for lunch tomorrow.