Thursday, December 18, 2014

The clouds again

It was one straight day of some sunshine and then back into the closet. In fact, there was a bit of snow flurry activity this morning. After a walk to do some Christmas buying, NCW and I ended up at Pier One imports. She has had her eye on this giraffe for a while. It looks a little like it may function as a hat rack, but I think it's mostly decorative. They had three of them left and they were on sale, so, in the heat of buying frenzy, we bought one. NCW is pretty enthusiastic about it. It has a name now - Eli - and a scarf for his neck. I guess we're going to find a nice hat to go with the current season and put it atop the skinny critter.  He's confined to his corner for now until he's house broken.

Meet Eli G.

I'm back from a night of tennis at Wooddale with Jerry and the hardcore girls. We split sets and the competition over 90 minutes was pretty fierce. But it was fun and it got me to a state of hunger and fatigue. I came home to a late dinner of Iron Range sloppy Joe's on whole wheat buns and country potato salad.  A nice night all in all.


Santini said...

Eli G is an excellent addition to your kitchen decor. G for giraffe, I assume? Giraffes are popular here as Christmas lawn ornaments, for reasons I don't understand.

Iron range sloppy joe's on wheat buns? I remember those from the Angel's tour -- NCW fixed that for us for lunch the day we went to the antique shop in Bovey. Yum. That's the chicken gumbo soup, mustard and ketchup recipe, if I remember right. Maybe a family food blog post -- such cultural eccentricities should be preserved.

Santini said...

Of course I meant rye buns from the Angels' tour. Homemade rye buns. Not puny wheat buns.