Saturday, December 13, 2014


The air was bad again today.  Temperature inversion.  There were signs on the freeway asking motorists to limit their idling.  I'm not sure if they were recommending that people turn off their engines while they waited at red lights, but that seems like what they meant.  I thought about it a little but mainly drove on the freeways where there are no semaphores.  The high today was 46º and tomorrow we glide into the 50's for a day.

NCW and I went to visit NCW's grandson, Kelly, at his new house this afternoon where he has decided to raise a couple of new puppies. The puppies are pretty cute and cool as most puppies are. They are about six weeks old and have huge paws. They are a mix breed - Great Dane and Mastiff - so they are going to be huge. They are brothers from the same litter. Kelly says that Merle, the grayish one, is expected to be 160 pounds as an adult. Harlo, the slightly smaller and darker one, will only get to 140. That's a lot of dog. I calculate 300 pounds of canine.

Joey (left) and Kelly with the pups.

I played some tennis again this morning. I'm finding that some weeks four days in a row are pretty difficult. It went badly score-wise this a.m., but I did not fall down or re-injure my left paw. Tomorrow is a day off, followed by another day off. A welcome respite.

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Santini said...

That's a nice photo of Kelly. A new house is exciting -- he's brave to have two new puppies in a new house. They're awfully cute as puppies, but 300 lbs. of dog is a lot. The dogs I know, Charlie and Razz, are plenty big enough. I'm sure Kelly will be up to the challenge, though.