Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back from Hiatus

Hiatus is not a small village in Serbia. I've been busy and my camera has been idle, so I took a while off while the dust settled. PP is home and it was the holidays. People have been under the weather, and my knee has been giving me problems.

We had a nice Christmas. The white elephant party (aka pie (π?) party) went well, and New Year's Eve passed without mishap.

So much for the last two weeks. Today, while waiting for the PW to arrive, I went for a walk by Como Lake. It's about 27º and nice enough for people to get out and walk, and even cross the lake on the ice. I'm always amazed that people fish through the ice on Como. It's a small urban lake and probably not the cleanest lake in the northland. There were people out on the lake with ice augers making holes to try to catch some fish. There is a nice dock at the south end of the lake, sticking out into the ice.  That's the pavilion that houses Black Bear Crossing in the far background.

There are quite a few of these "Thin Ice" signs around the lake. For the moment they don't really apply because it's been cold enough to change the water therein to its solid state. The structure on the ice is a ice house for lake fishing.

There was this guy shoveling off a portion of the lake for a private skating rink for his chilluns.  The kids weren't much help.
So I'm back.


Retired Professor said...

You have to acclimate before 27 degrees is "nice enough." Pretty winter scenes, though. I'm glad your holidays were good.

Jimi said...

Thanks. I think this may be more of a real winter than 2012. 27 is tolerable.

BDE said...

Put the Super Bowl party (Feb 3)on your and PW's calendars please. We plan to be healthy and provide a good time for all. Sorry about New Year's Eve.
Nice photos. I especially love the sun in the winter.

Jimi said...

BDE: Super Bowl Party sounds great. We'll bring the shrimp.