Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dinner for six

Since the Prairie Princess (PP) is only a week from returning to northern Europe, we (PP, NCW, UH, and moi) decided to have a dinner and invite Emmy, EMSA, and the Smith's. Tonight was the scheduled night, but the Smith's are under the weather and were unable to attend, so we had dinner for six rather than the earlier expected eight. It was a fun evening, eating was simple - spaghetti a la Jimmy with garlic bread and green beans. Pineapple for dessert. The group sat around and talked about the world, current events, St Paul doings, and remembrance of times past. We missed having the Smiths at the table, but we trust they'll be well in time for the Super Bowl.

Here's another in the occasional series of bad photos of bloggers. I think that it's mainly Santini and me who are participating. I'm not sure that these are any better than previous bad photos, but they were easy to take in the waning light in my back yard and didn't entail a lot of walking outside as the weather began to turn decidedly ugly. We're headed for sub-zero temps overnight tonight. Now that's ugly.

It was a busy day. My Saturday morning tennis wasn't as successful as it has been in the past. We had a sub, and a young one at that, who was playing well and I didn't manage to be on the winning team for any of the three sets we played. Tennis will teach you humility when you least expect it, or desire it. But I'm happy that I played and that I was able to at least play respectably. And to assuage my ego, I played some eight-off solitaire on the computer and managed to win a few games in a row. One should never leave one's ego unassuaged.


Mrs Smith said...

Sounds like (and looks like) we missed an excellent dinner party. Mr. Smith is still under the weather but I trust we will both be very healthy for the Super Bowl party.

Retired Professor said...

Great bad photo. And an excellent dinner party photo. Everyone looks healthy and happy -- and like they're enjoying the food. Perfect midwinter fare. I hope the Smiths recover forthwith.

Retired Professor said...

Speaking of ugly weather, there's 10 to 12 inches of snow predicted along the shore of Lake Michigan between now and Tuesday. That would be the eastern shore. Mostly between Muskegon and South Haven. My shore. There was a 67 mph wind gust overnight in Grand Haven. Ugly.

Jimi said...

MS: This has been a bad flu season. Get well soon.

RP: That is indeed some ugly sounding weather. That's way too strong a wind to be much fun in January. It's even too strong for kite flying, I suspect.