Wednesday, January 9, 2013

PP off to Ceili Dancing

It's Wednesday night and PP is back into some of her old routine. Tonight she's off to do some Irish dancing called Ceili dancing. It's pronounced Kay-lee, probably from its Celtic heritage. Maybe.  PP has about two more weeks before she flies back to Norway for more education and a part time job at UMB.

It was fun to joke with her before she left. I told her I used to be a pretty good dancer myself before I took an arrow to the knee. I guess a kind of inside joke for those who play the video game Skyrim, and sorta entertaining for them.

I played some tennis at Fort Snelling again today. The parking lot was filled to overflow today because of some sort of tennis coaching clinic. Some guy on the way in remarked about how full the parking lot was. I told him it was understandable because they have tennis courts inside. He replied that that's what attracted him to the parking lot, too.

Tennis and a trip to Target were the entertainments for me today. Hey. It's January. You do what you can to get through this cold, dark month.

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Retired Professor said...

I love the photo of Kelsey. She looks happy to be home.