Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bad Self Portraits

Santini has been posting some self portraits lately that are purported to be bad. I thought that I might get in on the fun and try to capture a self portrait or two that might cause a stomach or two to turn. After my afternoon tennis session, after I'd parked in the garage, I stopped in the back yard to try my hand at hand-held, stretched-out-arm self photography. It's not so easy to get anything that you like, but I snapped off six and came in the house to download them. After dinner, I checked with PP and PW to see which of the photos seemed best to reflect my image. I can't say there were any that really stood out, but there were six and after some debate they went with the photo below. It's a profile, an angle that I virtually never see.

This one I liked a little better. I think the subject looks thoughtful, but the peanut gallery thinks he's mad.

January continues. We've reached halfway and so far it's been bearable, but I've been looking at the 10 day outlook for St Paul and Pengilly. I hope they're wrong, but yesterday the weather creatures were predicting a morning in Pengilly next week at -31º F. (That's degrees below zero, not degrees below freezing.)


Santini said...

I said bad self portraits, not ugly self portraits, by the way. A bad self portrait isn't necessarily ugly. I'm glad you've joined in the fun, though. I think yours are interesting -- the background is wintry and the profile one probably my favorite. I do like the second one -- though I'd say you look stern.

I hope the weather predictions are wrong, though -31 does occur in that latitude now and then. Certainly the negative 20's are something I remember fairly clearly from my childhood. Still, dang cold. Dangerous, even.

Jimi said...

I changed the title and edited the verse from "ugly" to "bad." I guess I was just a bit too lazy in my phrasing.

The forecast has changed today and the low seems to be only about -18º in the north land - and that on Monday, a holiday.

Retired Professor said...

Still too cold. We're anticipating a cool down here tomorrow, with a high of 68.

I like your self portraits, by the way.