Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gloomy Thursday

It was a gloomy sort of January day, but it was warm enough to nearly qualify as a March day. PP needed some exercise and Unky Herb was feeling a bit better from his bout with the crud. So we walked over to Linwood, down St Clair to the stairs and back home via neighborhood streets. On the way I took a photo at Linwood to try to show the grayness of the day. One of these trees has a kite in it, left over from a warmer and windier day when the kite's owner lost control of it and it flew into the clutches of a kite eating tree.

I played some tennis tonight at Wooddale. And it rained.   On the way home at nine p.m. the temperature wavered at 33º and I was sure that ice was forming under the tires. Tomorrow morning could be a bad travel day as the temperature drops into freezing territory.  I'm staying home until at least noon. Maybe I'll make some soup.


Retired Professor said...

Ah, the old Charlie Brown kite eating trees -- those look pretty tall next to the evergreens. You captured the grayness of the day pretty well.

Ice. It's a four letter word.

Jimi said...

I guess we didn't get any of that ice I was expecting here. It only got to 34º overnight. Pengilly, on the other hand, sounds like a big skating rink.

Retired Professor said...

Tell PW to be careful -- I saw the forecasts for ice in northern MN, and hoped it wouldn't impact either of you. Stay safe.

Mrs Smith said...

Gorgeous photo, TT. I've been there. Did you run up the stairs (and count them)?