Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The day started out at -12º F, after a day - yesterday - that stayed below zero all day. That's a paltry number, I find, after chatting with the North Country Woman (NCW) who told me her thermometer was reading -25º at about noon at the Pengilly Post Office. I was experiencing a bit of cabin fever, so I put on my cold weather gear and went for a brisk walk to the nearby park. By the time I ventured out the temp had warmed to near zero and there was negligible wind. There's not much of scenic value this time of year at this latitude, so I took another of those bad self portraits. I was standing in Linwood Park with the freeway in the background and down the hill.

There's not much snow on the ground at Linwood or anywhere else in the Saintly City, but there is enough ice to give one pause before striking out across country without Yaktrax (or spikes) on one's boots. I went anyhow.

Then I came home and made a pot of soup.

It's now 1ºF.


Santini said...

Now that's a great bad self portrait. It tells a story -- the background sets the theme of cold and winter, and the hood pulled tight around your face, and your expression -- I think you've got the hang of these things. I might give it another shot.

I'm glad to hear that NCW made it home okay, and I've been watching the temperatures up there. It's brutal.

Jimi said...

Thanks. I'm having fun with the concept, plus there's not much beauty to photograph this time of year here.

I'll be looking for your next set of photos.