Friday, January 25, 2013

Prairie Princess returns to land of Vikings

The Prairie Princess is off to Oslo to finish her school year. She's been here for over a month and it was sad to see her go again. We had a lot of good times and some good dinners, both here and at some of her favorite restaurants in the Saintly City. Unky Herb and I went to the airport with her as she checked in for her Frontier Airlines connecting flight to Iceland and on to Norway. She'll be in Oslo tomorrow. The house will considerably emptier.

I went off after the leave taking and played some tennis at Fort Snelling. It was a good way to spend a couple of afternoon hours in January. It was my third session of doubles in three days and I'm beginning to feel a bit knackered. I think I need to fuel up - a big plate of spaghetti seems just about right.


Retired Professor said...

I don't worry too much about her in Norway -- she seems to do pretty well there. I'm just glad she's not headed back to Africa. We always miss them when they leave, though.

Spaghetti sounds good.

BDE said...

Spagetti does sound good. I think I will go to the store . . .
I am sorry I missed the good bye dinner (speaking of spagetti). When will she graduate and return home again?

Jimi said...

BDE: She should graduate in May or June. Then she may come home or maybe get one of those high paying Norske jobs.

I'm sorry you missed the dinner, too. We had spaghetti, as you say.