Monday, January 14, 2013

January is a long month

It's still January and it's the coldest part of the year here near the 45th parallel. We're getting our share of cold air, but not much snow. After hanging around the house, doing little chores and staying warm, I set out for an exercise walk about 4 o'clock. It's about 13ยบ so I dressed warmly and set out to visit Linwood Park. I thought that I might even try an ugly self portrait, but I needed a reasonably attractive backdrop, so as to not break the camera. It's a pretty spare landscape out there today. Some ice, some snow, and not many humans walking about.

I've taken this photo from other angles, but I like this one as well as any of them.

My long shadow at Linwood Park near sundown on this cold January afternoon. This is as close to a self portrait as I got today.  I think that pile of ice was once a snow man before a few days of melting, followed by a hard freeze brought it to this shape.

Just plugging along, trying to outlast January.


Retired Professor said...

I guess shadows are a form of self portrait. It does look cold, though. The weather has been a bit of a roller coaster in Holland, but the ice missed them. We're waiting for a cool down here, too. No ice, though.

I like the first photo.

Jimi said...

I'll work on that self portrait stuff. I'll have to take off my gloves to get a decent shot, but I can do that.

Thanks. It's my favorite tree right now.

Retired Professor said...

I tend to forget that fingers don't work well in the cold. I've frozen my hands enough you'd think I'd remember that.

BDE said...

That tree reminds me of the hanging tree from some cowboy movie. It looks forlorn.