Saturday, January 26, 2013

One hundred four years since 1909

It's the old guy's 104th birthday, so I'm posting a photo from about 70 years ago. I'm reasonably sure of the age of the photo because I recognize that tow headed older brother of mine, and me with one of my least attractive expressions on my infant face. I do have a recent photo that has a similar expression on the same visage.

A photo from a recent extremely cold Minnesota day, and a photo that I haven't published before. It's still January in this part of Minnesota.

The Prairie Princess sent email reporting a successful return to Norway and is currently hanging out with Unni and Lill Nora in Oslo. The last month passed way too quickly.


Anonymous said...

I have only been here for 55.5 years but I recognize the three guys in the picture. Can anyone tell me the dogs name? MM

Retired Professor said...

Those photos are funny. You haven't changed much in 70 years. Sort of. I think the headgear similarity adds to the likeness.

MM -- I don't know for sure, but the dogs we had before I was old enough to remember them were named Spot and Sport. (From stories that were told. Dad ran over one of them.) That one doesn't look like a Spot, so I'm guessing Sport. Just a guess, of course.

Retired Professor said...

MM -- Exactly 55.5 years yesterday. Happy half birthday.

Jimi said...

The first dog that I remember was Lady - a Chesapeake Bay retriever with really curly hair. I don't remember the dog in the photo,much less its name and I'm not sure where the photo was taken either; maybe Hovland.

Happy half birthday, MM.

Emily Miller said...

Glad to hear that the PSter has arrived back in Oslo without incident. It was very nice to see her while she was here.