Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alternate theme

It's not yet February theme day, but I would have more sympathy with a theme like "gear for walking on ice" rather than "umbrellas." Then I'd be able to post a photo of these fine pieces of footwear that attach to whatever shoes you choose and which provide really very good traction, even on icy sidewalks - yaktrax. Today is a good day for testing them out, too, because there is plenty of ice on St Paul's sidewalks.

January has been cold as it's supposed to be in normal years. We have some sort of hazardous weather warning in town until noon tomorrow. It's likely to be the coldest day of the year so far windchill-wise. The temperature is predicted to be -15ยบ F. with significant wind by morning. Any outside walks will require long johns and yaktrax.

So today I stayed inside and made some vegetarian soup with the veggies in the fridge.


Retired Professor said...

That's quite a good theme, as well as some interesting gear, but gear for walking on ice is hard to find here. I do have some winter gear photos in my archives, though. And a real dearth of umbrella photos. For some reason, when umbrellas are called for, I don't have my camera out.

Jimi said...

I have a few umbrella shots in the archive, and a few are Parisian in origin, but I agree that my camera normally is not used when umbrellas are necessary.

Your weather, according to the weather watchers, sounds balmy.