Friday, February 1, 2013


Umbrellas are the theme for February. As I may have implied yesterday, umbrellas are pretty rare in the Saintly City in February. There's not much need for them. But I have archives. I try not to repeat posting photos already posted, but I have published one pretty similar to this one in a post done during a memorable trip to Paris and the French Open Tennis Tournament in May, 2010.  There was a tennis match scheduled but the rains came, and stayed quite a while, and out came this colorful array of umbrellas.  Also known as bumbershoots in parts of England.  Tennis did commence sometime later in the afternoon.

Here's a domestic umbrella shot. This was taken by Unky Herb in Janesville, Wisconsin in 2011 when he and I were visiting the Prairie Princess where she was working at the time. I haven't previously posted this one either.

I actually like this next photo quite a bit. It's another one taken by Unky Herb. I actually enlarged it, framed it and put it up on one of my walls. It's also not included in any previous blog entry.  But there is a post from the same day in Janesville.

It seems odd to be posting summer photos on a day when the temperature stayed below zero until at least three o'clock in the afternoon and many schools in the state closed or started a couple of hours late because of the extreme wind chill. But it's Minnesota and we have to live through this stuff.  I went to Fort Snelling Tennis Center at one and played a set of tennis with the geezers. We had to fall back to cut throat tennis (two against one) because of an injury on the court (not me), but it was a pretty normal Friday all in all.


Retired Professor said...

Those are some really nice umbrella photos. I remember the story that goes with that first one. That was quite a day.

The last one is a clear favorite though -- Unky Herb knows how to compose a photo. Quite frame-worthy.

Cut throat tennis sounds kind of vicious.

BDE said...

These are great umbrella pictures. I remember the first scene since I was there (yay) and the third one reminds me of Monet's Garden for some reason. Plus it is so cute of you and the P-ster.